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We provide developers and integrators several options to choose from.

Hosted payment form is the most simple integration method where you simply configure your custom payment page in the Virtual Terminal and post data to the preconfigured link.

API and API Wrappers are also available if you want to have complete control over the customer payment processing experience. With your Github VIP PASS browse through the code samples to get a jump start n your development.

If you are integrating with Shopping Carts and CMS (Content Management System) start with our public sandboxes to see various plugins, modules and extensions.

Call Center

Our leading call center solution is our IVR plugin and Pay Extension management. You can integrate our payment logic into your own Telephony platform or use our Hosted PBX, and simply configure it and forward calls to process payments for your telephone orders.

Other solutions include our Hosted page ... Hipster tools ... and sample code available in Github.


If you have an app for the retail industry we can enable you with card card present and card not present transactions. The payment methods for swipe and keyed credit card and check, swiped debit card, gift and loyalty card and EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) can be used by your application.

Use your GitHub VIP PASS to access sample code for card present transaction processing. If you are using Android and iOS devices check out our Mobile section.


In the restaurant industry, speed and dependability are crucial. Whether your establishment is considered quick-service or dine-in, our platform can reliably and securely handle any payment request. With the versatile payment platform architecture, your restaurant can gain additional revenue by processing card present (on site) purchases, plus orders placed via Internet and telephone.

Our platform supports pin-debit and gift card transactions too, giving you even more opportunities to increase sales. Our robust and scalable design allows just one payment platform to support all types of transactions and multiple POS terminals, including mobile.

We provide sample code for the restaurant industry to show how you can do Authorizations, and Captures for an "open Tab" function. Tip and Tip adjustments so you can control al the payment processing functions from your app.


Use our native libraries to let you accept payments in your iOS and Android applications. You can register to receive a Demo EMV Terminal, and use the Launchpad to get on the fast track to EMV.

iOS. We support iOS 5.0 and up. From a customizable view to handle the entire payment form and validation to a lower level API, we have several layers of abstraction to give you complete control over your customers' experience.

Android. We support Android from version 4 and up. The library also comes with a set of validation helpers to help you build payment forms.

We provide a single interface for bar code scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, check imaging devices, card readers and PIN pads. Focus on the features of your cloud based POS and use our Mobile SDK to manage the devices your customers can use with your app.