Virtual Terminal Menu Options

Home will display the dashboard providing you a snap shot of your processing with charts and graphs.

Dashboard screen shots:

Filters Modal Filters Modal

Transaction Menu will give you options to view transactions and search for transactions to reprint a receipt if needed.

The Customer Menu, as shown above, gives you the option to create a New Customer or display a list of Customers to Find/Edit.

The Customers you create here are can be assigned contracts and payment methods to bill on a recurring basis. Lets say you have a software business and you provide a subscription to customers at a cost of $10 per month. WIth Recurring Billing , you can create a token of their credit card, and store the payment detail to use every month to automatically bill them the subscription fee.

Recurring Billing, step-by-step

To learn more about setting up Contracts for your customers, review the more detailed explanation of the Contract form.

More Menu Options